Massey University

Massey University's governing body is the University Council. This includes lay, academic, alumni and student members and is responsible for overseeing the management and control of the affairs, concerns and property of the University. The Council Chair and the ceremonial head of the University is the Chancellor, elected by Council for a one year term from within its ranks.

The Vice-Chancellor is the chief executive officer of the University, a member of Council, the Academic Board and chair of the University's Senior Leadership Team.

All Massey University qualifications have been designed, delivered, assessed, monitored, and reviewed by qualified staff in accordance with international best practice.

The University has a range of policies that outline our values and approaches with regard to qualification design, approval, implementation, delivery, review, and equivalence.

The qualification approval process is rigorous and includes several levels of peer review, including the highest level of academic governance within the University, the Academic Board.  All relevant aspects of a programme, including the justification, pedagogies, and evidence that the University is well placed to resource and deliver the programme are considered by the Board.

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